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APCO Global Alliance Adopts LTE as Worldwide Standard

APCO Global Alliance Adopts LTE as Worldwide Standard

Action Follows Recent FCC Approval of US Public Safety LTE Request

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 – London, EnglandAt Monday’s meeting of APCO International’s Global Alliance, delegates representing public safety communications professionals from Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and elsewhere around world passed a formal policy statement entitled 4th Generation (4G) Broadband Technologies for Emergency Services. As passed unanimously, the statement was adopted to include:

“ The partner associations of the APCO Global Alliance recognize that Long Term Evolution (LTE) is emerging as the leading standard in 4G technology; being adopted worldwide by the largest mobile communications service providers. Since LTE is a global standard, it is capable of providing emergency service agencies and governmental organizations with a cost-effective way to meet their broadband communications needs and one that gives them a greater selection of devices and applications – a capability that has been sought for years.”

The Global Alliance’s statement went on to explain the benefits of adopting LTE as the international public safety broadband standard, as follows:

“Further, LTE's all-IP architecture, spectral efficiency, and bandwidth flexibility will improve overall network economics. Coupled with economies of scale to be gained as commercial carriers build their own LTE networks, it is anticipated that emergency services worldwide will reap substantial benefits by adopting LTE as the global standard for emergency broadband networks from the start by capitalizing on research and development currently underway.”

“The Global Alliance’s actions today will further attract, stabilize and accelerate commercial development and investment in public safety broadband markets worldwide,” stated APCO International Executive Director George Rice. “The benefits of global standardization for emergency broadband networks will create a rich ecosystem of devices spurred by the standards-based designs, open intellectual property environments, commitments from chipset manufacturers, large communities of developers and interest from consumer electronics manufacturers.”

Added APCO International’s Immediate Past President Dick Mirgon, “The partner associations of the APCO Global Alliance endorse LTE as the global standard for 4G emergency communications broadband networks, in part, to increase our ability to influence the development of LTE standards in support of critical emergency services; and to accelerate development of suitable LTE devices in support of emergency services at reduced equipment costs, providing greater create economies of scale for manufacturing, and promotion of competition.”

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