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Our mission is to advance the public interest in having a fully functioning and interconnected public safety community. The public safety community including police, fire, EMS and other first responders are on the front lines in providing emergency services to the public, saving and protecting lives. To carry out that mission effectively and without life-threatening communications impediments, the public safety community must have the technical means for interoperable, redundant, fail safe communications between agencies and departments at all levels of government.

One of the goals of the Alliance is to urge Congress and the Obama Administration to authorize and fund a dedicated nationwide wireless communications network for public safety utilizing the D Block spectrum.

In carrying out this mission, the Alliance brings the views of public safety and state and local governments directly to the attention of the public and policy makers in the federal government. The Alliance has the support of a broad based group of the public safety community to further the impact of its mission. In addition, the Alliance has enlisted the advice and counsel of public safety professionals, academics, communications specialists and others to bring this expertise to the attention of the public, the media and governmental decision makers.

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